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The podcast - how & why it was created

With my own personal experience in mental health, domestic violence, sexual violence and emotional abuse related matters, my utter belief is that the power of healing is in the sharing with others.

In sharing we eradicate shame, in eradicating shame we shake the belief that we are unworthy, not enough or fundamentally a bad person.

In doing this we can find hope, strength and the resilience required to navigate our way to a better mental and emotional wellbeing. It is vital to learn the skills required to mange our emotions and to be able to have a deeper understanding and level of empathy towards ourselves and others.

Having spent 10 years on my own personal journey of learning these skills, I know that we all need to have these tools in our life skills kit.

Life is all about people, and people come with their own set of childhood of origin beliefs, coping styles, health and emotional wellbeing challenges and a whole range of different personalities.

As humans and leaders we must encourage ourselves and others to do the work.

We must tap in to what is really going on beneath the surface as it is here that we will discover the self limiting beliefs that really hold us back and continue to lead us down the same roads we have always travelled; that guess what?! keep taking us to the same places that keep bringing us back to the feelings of failure and in worst cases feelings of total hopelessness.

My mission is to bring these matters in to the light, to TALK about it, to inspire people to find that light at the end of the tunnel (it is there), to find the strength to pick themselves back up and realise that they aren't alone (there are many that know exactly how you feel), to understand that many share similar struggles.

The challenge is that we don't always talk about it. It's the talking about it that will save us and others.

This is how The Vulnerability ROCKS podcast was created!

I have the privilege of sharing real lives on the Vulnerability ROCKS podcast with my amazing guests.

Join me in finding hope.

Be inspired to keep standing back up!

Emma Belle

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